teeth whitening gel 3ml 5ml 10 ml hp cp or none peroxide

This teeth whitening gel syringe is normal hot selling,and we have different volume,3ml,5ml,10ml,we can make it with different kind of gel,such as hp or cp or none peroxide gel,or pap gel.

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Product parameter:
Volume 3ml 5ml 10ml
Oem service oem/odm/customize packaging
Payment PayPal,TT,west union
About other teeth whitening accessary: we also support mouth opener(mouth retractor) teeth whitening gel, glasses, curling light , shade guide, mouth tray(small medium big) teeth whitening pen, spray, brush up , dental bib(apron), teeth whitening kit. after care gel, gum dam(gum protection gel) Product feedback: teeth-whitening-treatment Product display: teeth-whitening-gel-syringe-01 teeth-whitening-gel-syringe-02 About the gel: 1.HP (Hydrogen peroxide),it range from 0.1%-35% 2.CP(Carbamide peroxide)it range from 0.1%-44% 3.None peroxide gel Our certification: certification Contact information: contact-name

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