hydro facial machine 5 in1

This is the newest vertical style hydra dermabrassion skin care machine for salon,with five handles,aqua peel handle,spray oxygen gun,microcurrent handle,vacuum pen,photon light.

Products Details

Product parameter:
 Voltage 110v/220v
 working handles  5
 Function Deep cleaning skin tighten
 Technology Hydro dermabrasion Bio microcurrent Vacuum pen Spray mist gun Photon light
 Max output  250w
 Handles Hydro dermabrasion with 8 tips Bio microcurrent 1 piece Vacuum pen 3 different sizes Photon light with 4 handles Spray mist gun 1 piece
 Package size  60*51*127
 Net weight  35kg
Product handles and functions: 1.Aqua peel handle This handle is mainly for skin cleaning,the unique design of the aqua peel tip can bring the dirty out the pores ,without use the hard crystal tip,and will make skin moistured and skin tighten. 2.Oxygen spray gun This handle is to make the skin care products ,penetrate into the deep skin layer,to promote the absorb of the nutrition. 3.Vacuum pen This vacuum pen can suck the blackhead out of the pores,to make the pore clean,at the same time,it can massage on the face,suck in and out. 4.Micro currrent Bioecectric current works on skin to increase the activity of normal skin cells ,accelerated metabolism,decomposes the pigment cells that are inactive on the surface of the skin rapidly to remove the dark black skin. 5.Photon light This photon light  therapy is a new technology,using the photon power to do skin maintenance and treatment, transfer light energy to cell energy,then accelerate cell growth and blood circulation, stimulate fiber cells to produce collagen proteins, Product display: hydro facial machine-01instructure

1, 10.4” touch screen

2, Photon light

3, Water level adjust knob

4, Vacuum adjust knob

5, hydro dermabrasion liquid bottle

6, filter

7,Hydro dermabrasion handle

8,Bio microcurrent handle

9, Vacuum pen( 3 sizes)

10,Spray mist gun

screen The above picture is the interface of the hydra facial skin care machine,you can see the five different functions clearly,and you can also control the four bottles on the screen,it is very convenient. handlesThe picture above show the main  parts of the hydro facial machine,it include the aqua peel handle,spray mist gun,vacuum pen,bio microcurrent handle,photon light.    

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