prp mesotherapy derma microneedling pen with led light

This model prp derma microneedling meso pen combine many technologies,meso function,derma pen function and led light function,this will enhance the skin care result.usually this pen can be used to do derma pen treatment and promote absorbing the skin care products ,such as prp treatment.

Products Details

Product parameter:
 Item colour  white or black ,you can choose
 Needle material  ABS
 Needle cartridge  9/12/24/36/42/round nano/3D/5D
 Accessory  Derma needle , tube ,syringe
 Voltage  110v-240v,50HZ/60HZ
 Advantage None surgical treatment
 Service  OEM
 Warranty  one year
 Pyament method  PayPal
Product advantages:  1.Combine different kind of technology,led photon,microneedling pen,and meso pen. 2.You can choose differnt depth for the derma pen 3.You can use this microneedling pen to help more skin care nutrition products. 4.It is small size but powerful function. 5.The effect is more better than the separate derma pen. Product application: 1. Scar treatment,skin rejuvenation 2. Stretch mark removal 3. Anti aging. 4. Wrinkle removal 5. Fat reduction 6. Hair loss treatment,hair regrowth 7. Pigment removal,skin whitening Treatment depth: 0.25mm: Boosts application of products applied to skin; Anti-Aging 0.3mm: Improve skin complex, reduce fine lines, lighten pigmentation, shrink pores 0.5mm: Reducing Face Wrinkles, Anti-Aging, Acne Scar Removal 1.0 mm: Treating Cellulite, Removing Stretch Marks, Treating Deep Wrinkles, Skin Pigmentation 1.5 mm-2.5mm: Burn Scars, Surgery Scars, Treating Back Acne Scars, Deep Scars (Stomach, Thighs, Legs, Breasts), Hair Loss treatment   Product display: derma-pen-01 derma-pen-02This model prp meso injection derma microneedling pen has many accessaries,it include the pen,two pcs syrinnges,two pcs needles,1pc adapter.please make sure to check if all the item is inside the box.if you need more syringes and needle,we also sell them separatelly,please contact us in detail if you want it.   mesopen structure   As you see the picture above,this meso derma pen do have have the microneedling pen function,but also the meso pen function,it can combine the skin care serum while microneedling treatment,usually our client do prp treatment like to choose this derma pen,it is very convenient.   7lights As you see the picture above,there are seven diffent colour led light,this pen also combine the photo led light technolgoy,it will also enhance the skin care effect. derma-pen-03Needle depth can be controled,at the same time you can choose different pins,such as 9/12/36/nano/3D/5D/BODY,please contact us how many pcs you need,we will count shipping cost for you togeter.    

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