pico laser tattoo removal machine

This model pico laser beauty machine is the most advanced machine for tatoo removal,for pigment removal,skin rejuvenation,no pain,no downtime,effective for any kind of clour tattoo.

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pico-laser-tattoo-removal-machine-01 pico-laser-tattoo-removal-machine-03Test on the black page,the pigment is easy to be removed. pico-laser-tattoo-removal-machine-02Advantages: 1.The picosecond laser treatment is more faster need less treatment session and less energy. 2.The picosecond laser tattoo removal treatment is effective the pigment is blast in a short time,the tattoos is removed very quickly. 3.The picolaser machine has less damage to the skin the short pulse energy is less damaged to the skin.the heat damage is reduced.
 Laser wavelength  755nm 1064nm 532nm
 Laser pulse energy  1064nm:0-1200mj532nm:0-500mj
 Laser pulse width  800ps
 Laser recurrence rate  1-10Hz
 Aim light  Red infrared light
 Spots diameter  1-8mm(adjustable)
 Screen  10 inch colour lcd screen
 Case material  metal
 Laser power source  220V/5A 110V/10A
 Machine size  350*960*840mm
Weight(net weight) 99kg
1.Pigment removal 2.Tattoo removal(any different kind of color,and result is very perfect) 3.acne scar skin resurfacing 4.Skin Hyperpigmentation 5.Sun spot,age spot etc 6.Skin whitening 7.Wrinkle removal

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