Multifunction cryolipolysis and HIFEM build muscle machine

2 in 1multifunction cryolipolysis and HIEMT build muscle machine, there are three technology, cryolipolysis, RF laser, and HIEMT technology, different technology for slim body, the effect is better. First, for the 2pcs cryolipolysis handle with RF laser, you can use them on whole body, lose fat fastly, and RF technology can lifitng the skin, Then, use the HIEMT handles for body, build muscle, keep body shape !

Products Details

Product name Two in one freezing+Em-sculpt
Technical Principle Freezing + High intensity focused magnetic wave
 Display screen  10.4 inch large LCD
Magnetic vibration intensity  8-100%(10 Tesla)
 Output frequency 5Hz-200Hz
Cooling temperature 1-5 files (cooling temperature 0℃ to -11℃)
Heating temperature 0-4 gears (preheating for 3 minutes, heating temperature 37 to 45 ℃)
Vacuum suction  1-5 files (10-50Kpa)
Input voltage     110V/220V
Output Power 300-5000W
Fuse 20A
Air box size 72×55×118cm
Air box weight 20kg
Gross weight 93kg
Through the combination of 360° cryolipolysis technology andhigh-intensity electromagnetic muscle trainer technology,the autologous muscles can achieve the ultimate training ofcontinuous expansion and contraction, thereby promotingthe growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement) and producingnew protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia)and increase muscle density and volume. 100% restricted muscle contraction exercise will cause a largeamount of fatty acids to be decomposed, and N fatty acids aredecomposed from triglycerides and accumulated in large amounts in fat cells.The fatty acid concentration is too high,so that fat cells die in a few weeks and excreted with metabolism, thus easily achieving the purpose of increasingmuscle and reducing fat.1. How is the effect? We have received a lot of feedback. The effect of the machine is very good. Under normal circumstances,after four treatments, the effect is obvious.
2. how can we guarantee quality? Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment;
3.Will there be a rebound?
No, because we don’t go on a diet to shape up, but build more muscles to lose weight。
4. For the cryo handle, will it cause damage to the skin?
No, when you use this handle, you need to apply the anting freezing membrane for the skin, protect skin
5. what services can we provide? We will teach you how to use it after you received the machine.If the machine has any questions, we will resolve it in time.Within warranty, we can send you free parts.

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