Natural rubber teeth whitening retractor

Rubber teeth whiten retractor is used in teeth whitening services or dental surgery, Protect oral soft tissue (lip and tongue),Improve patient comfort levels, reduce patient fear.

Products Details

Introduction Natural rubber barrier with a curvature appearance of the rubber gate, easily open mouth to enhance visibility and operate conveniently. Separates the treatment area from the oral cavity, reducing patient fear and preventing contamination. Individually wrapped by Sterilization package, no need to sterilize or reuse cheek retractors again, This type of cheek retractor is a great tool for any teeth whitening treatment and dental surgery orthodontic, professional cleaning, restorations, impressions, etc.   Features A.Natural rubber barrier is a curvature appearance of the rubber gate, can in the surgery patients easily to open your mouth, convenient operation. It can be in dental surgery make lips and cheeks after the collapse, give doctors better field of vision. B.The wet strength, improve the therapeutic effect C.Improve the road and visibility D.Sterile control treated in isolation effective *control of the infection E.Protect patients respiratory tract F.Protect oral soft tissue (lip and tongue) G.Save time to treatment H.Improve patient comfort levels, reduce patient fear   rubber-retractor-2 rubber-retractor-3 rubber-retractor-4 rubber-retractor-5 soft-retractor  

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