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Hyaluron pen is more safty technology than traditional needle technology, no bleed and No trauma. Use high pressure to introduce the solution into the skin, so that the solution is diffusely distributed, the effect is very good, it is very effectively for lip filler, wrinkle remover etc.

Products Details

Product name Anti-wrinkle hyaluronic injector pen
Function anti-aging/fill lip/wrinkle removal/skin moisture
Style handheld
Material  stainless steel
Color Golden and black/All black/Honey pink/Rose pink/Hot pink
Product size 17*3.5*3cm
Packing size 23*7*4cm
1. No trauma, no bleeding, 2. Compared with traditional syringes, hyaluron pen is dispersed and distributed under the skin, the onset time is faster, and the drug absorption rate is higher. 3.The scope of application is very wide, wrinkle removal, lip plumping, and fat-dissolving. 4.The medicine dispenser is equipped with 0.3ml and 0.5ml. For your choice.1. Q: Will there be bleeding or pain during treatment? A: Needle-free atomization does not cause bleeding points. It uses pressure to quickly introduce the solution into the skin without any discomfort. 2. Q: How is the result? A: If you use hyaluron pen to fill lip, remove wrinkle, or other treatments, the effect is obvious, and the retention time is about 4 months. 3. 0.3ml ampoules or 0.5ml ampoules? A: This model is 2 in 1 pen, you can use 0.3ml ampoules or 0.5ml ampoules
• Painless injection
• Injection without needle eliminates the risk of infection from the needle
• Does not leave scars andpuncture marks of the skin tissue with a needle
• Better and faster absorption of drugs
• Strictly subcutaneous injection - eliminating the risk of penetration of the drug into the muscle
• Fast, easy and safe
• Separate and economical dosing of the drug

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