Electric microneedle system adjustable length derma pen

Top quality microneedle derma pen, ajustable length from 0-2.5mm, and you can choose different needles, 12/9/36/42 needles, according to your need.  Auxiliary use of related essences can remove acne very well, and the effect is very obvious

Products Details

Product parameter:
Model DerA7
Power supply  charging
Adapter 5v-1000MA
Vibrating frequency 1800rpm - 7000rpm
Needle length 0~2.5mm
Needle material nano wafer /imported medical stainless steel
Needle number 12/9/36/42 needles
Body material  aluminum housing
Body color  Black
Size 157mm
Weight  56g
 Features: 1. New type of durable switch. 2. Bidrectional speed regulator. 3. More stable bayonet connector. 4, Anti-skid design on needle length regulator. 5. Sanitary cover for needle tips. 6. Adjustable scale from 0-2.5min     Q&A:   Will I bleed? You might have pin point bleeding in some areas; it really is not that much at all, nothing that you will see when your treatment is done.   How long does the treatment take? Including the skin consultation it is about 90 min.The needling is only about 20 - 25 min of the 90.   How long do the results last? Typically results of the rejuvenation last for a year. The process of your body creating collagen and elastin is 6 weeks.   What will I look like right after my microneedling treatment? If you are being treated for skin rejuvenation - wrinkles. Your skin will be flushed and bright pink. In some areas you may have more redness. This lasts for about 24 hours. Treatment of scaring is a deeper process, so the redness lasts between 24-36 hours. After the first 24 hours you can use mineral powder to calm down the appearance.       derma-pen   detail-of derma-pen   Product display:  


        Before and after: treatment          

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