cool 360 cryo angle fat freeze machine for body weight loss

This model cryo fat freeze slimming machine is portable style,the fat freeze handle can work at the same time,rf cavitation can enhance the slimming effect,promote the fat reduction.

Products Details

 Handle control method:  touch
 Scree size:  10.4
 Handle screen size:  4.5
 Handle material :  silicon
 Pressure output: 0.08Mpa
 Refrigeration method:  water cycle
 RF face:  3MHz
 RF frequency:  5MHz
 Large cryo handle size: 4#230*105mm1#195*85mm2#210*90mm 3#215*100mm
 Small cryo handle:  3#165*90mm 1#140*70mm 2#155*80mm
 Double chin handle size:  80*40mm
 Cavitation frequency:  40KHz
 Laser wavelength:6  650nm
Product technology: Best body slimming cryo machine: frozen + negative pressure liposuction + frozen fat “40K strong sonic fat burst” “RF radio frequency” three technologies into one, penetrate deep into the subcutaneous fat cells, vibrate in the cells and produce cavitation effects, Resonance will cause fat cells to create numerous fine vacuum bubbles. These bubbles will continuously hit each other, making the inside and outside of the cell uneven and negative pressure uneven. When the tolerance of the cell membrane is reached, it will rupture, and then decompose and melt. cryo-technology Product result: 1.Fat reduction 2.Body shape 3.Chin fat reduction 4.Body detox

cryo-handleFor large size cryo handle,the applicatior has four different size,#1#2#3#4 ,#1#2 is mainly used for abdomen,the flat area.#3#4 is used for flanks, fit for curved and marrow parts of the body.

For medium size,there are three different size applicatior. the same theory with the large fat freeze cryo handles.

slimming-handles40KHz cavitation handle:vacuum cavitation vibration,make the deep fatty layer strike,dissolve to be free fatty acid. Body RF:six polar radio frequency handle,make the dermis heating ,and massage the body back and forward,increase the blood circulation. Face RF:Used for face ,eye,forehead lifting,wrinkle removal. Lipo laser:effective for fat loss.650nm diode laser pads.

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