60W oral hygiene teeth whitening lamp

This model is most popular machine, 60W high power, it makes whitening effect better. Meanwhile, the temperature of the tooth whitening lamp is stable at 37-40℃,  constant temperature makes the customer experience better. In addition, when you use it, you can perform gesture control on the head of the machine, which makes the operation more convenient.

Products Details

Product name Teeth whitening lamp
Model TE150
Dimension of frame Height:480mm, Arm lenght: 900mm, Wide: 1200mm
Weight of machine 27KG
Input voltage AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output voltage DC18V
Power 60W
Wavelength of blue light 400nm-460nm
Density of blue light 300-400mw/cmm²
1. 60W high power, the result is better than low power. 2. Constant temprature: 37-40℃. 3. When you operating it, you can use gesture control. 4.Elegant design and High-grade raw materials. 5. Imported Osram lamp, longer life1. External color of the pigment Nien teeth 2. Internal pigment teeth, tetracycline pigmentation teeth, dental fluorosis. 3. Hereditary xanthodont 4. Dark and yellow teeth caused by unknown reasons.Finish teeth whiten service, except teeth whiten lamp, you also need these teeth whiten products Teeth whiten gel ( non peroxide gel, HP gel, CP gel) Teeth whiten wipe Gum dam Mouth retractor Dental bib VE cotton tip You can order our teeth whiten kit, it is included all teeth whiten products you need.  1. Beside teeth whiten lamp,  do I have to buy that appart somewhere else? Yes, if you want to operate teeth whiten service, you also need teeth whiten consumables, whiten gel;gum dam;shade guide; retractor etc. 2. How often do I have teeth whitening service? Everyone’s teeth are different. Usually you receive a tooth whitening service once every two weeks or a month, but if you like to drink coffee or smoke, you need to shorten the time and do it about once a week. 3.When receiving teeth whitening service, do I need to remove the diamond or tongue ring on my teeth? Yes, you need to reomove it, because gel will corrode these items.

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