vascular blood vesseles vein removal laser 980 machine

This model 980nm diode laser system is hot selling,it use fiber coupled line,has perfect laser transimission,is effective for spider vein removal,varicose vein removal,blood vessels removal.we have 15w and 30w for you to choose,with high quality and good price.

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spider vein removal machine

This 980nm diode laser system has different depth for spider vein removal treatment,you can choose,the handle is easy to hold,easy to operate,the veins can be removed accurately.

 spder-vein-removal-01The max power of this model spider vein removal machine is 30w,it support six differernt languages,English,Spanish,Russian,Germany,French,Portueguse


 The picture above is the real feedback from our client,it is shoot after the first time spider vein removal treatment by the 980nm diode laser machine.

Laser Type  Semiconductor diode laser
 Wavelength  980nm±10nm
 Output power  1W-30W(15W,20W for choose)
 Operation mode  Pulse mode
 Pulse width  15ms -100ms or continuous
 Control Mode  Touch Screen 8.0 Ture color
 Light delivery system  detachable fiber systems, Core Size (Use only approved systems) ≤200µm, SMA 905 connector
 Aiming Beam  Diode laser of 650nm±10nm, 5mW (Max.),adjustable brightness.
 Laser Class  4
 Operation interface  8.0 inch Color LCD touch screen
 Cooling  Air cooling
Product application: 1. Veins removal on facial, arm, leg and body. 2. Vascular removal 3. Blood vesseles removal 4. Rosacea removal 5.Varicose removal Product advantage: 1. No side effect while vascular blood vessels spider vein removal treatment 2. The spider veins can be removed after one time treatment. 3. The 980nm diode laser system use diode laser,and fiber coupled line,will make the quality more better.

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