Q switch ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

We designed a new type of shell. The new design makes it more popular in beauty salons. One handle is integrated into three bands to meet different needs of customers. 1064nm has a good effect on removing black tattoos. 532nm is for color tattoo removal. The effect is obvious, and you can replace the 1320nm black doll head to make your facial skin more white and tender.

Products Details

  Product parameter:
Laser type Q switched ND:YAG laser
Cooling water cooling & air cooling
Spot size 1-5mm(continuously adjustable)
 Energy 100-1000mj(532nm) 200-2000(1064nm)
Power supply AC 220V 50HZ AC5A, 110V 60HZ 10A
Wavelenth 1064nm, 532nm
Pulse width 6-12ns
Repetition rate 1-6hz
Input power 500W
net/gross Weight 15KG/ 26KG
Dimension 65x49x53cm
  Wavelength: 1064nm: Remove black tattoos, eye lines, eyeliner and traumatic pigmentation. 532nm: It is suitable for operating red or brown tattoo, eyebrow, lip line and eyeliner, and effectively fade red or brown birth-marks and various shallow spots. Deep cleaning, blackhead removing, oily skin turning dry, acne no longer growing. it can lighten skin color, soften and whiten skin.



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