Led teeth whitening machine with touch screen

This model teeth whitening machine is design with touch screen,and can be with camera,to help you take photos of the teeth,and capture the treatment before and after teeth whitening treatment.

Products Details

Product parameter:
Wavestrength : 430~490nm(Blue light); 620~640nm(Red light);380~400nm(Purple light)
Voltage: AC:100V~240V
Light source : 4~5W/pc(Blue light); 2~3W/pc(Red light); 1W(Purple light)
Colour of light: Blue,red,blue+purple,blue+red+purple
Number of lignt: blue5,red2,purple8
Camera with or without
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Product feature: 1.With camera This model teeth whitening machine has camera,and you can capture the photo to compare the treatment before and after. 2.With touch screen You can click the screen by the pen,it is easy to operate 3.Different light source This machine has three different light source,blue,red,blue+purple,blue+ren+purple 4.Different color for you to choose Product application: Teeth whitening Product display: led-teeth-whitening-machine-3led-teeth-whitening-machine-4led-teeth-whitening-machine-2.jpg

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