Multi lipolaser RF handle cryolipolysis slimming machine

Newest technology slimming machine, equip with lipolaser handle, 40K cavitation handle, and 2pcs RF laser handle for face and body. special chin handle, effectively remove chin fat. 360° all-dimension surrounding cooling applicators,and The treating area is all-dimension cryolipolise Approach 100% frozen in full area,Only 35 to 45 mins time each treatment, save treatime, you will get obvious effect.

Products Details

Cryolipolysis handle: Approach 100% frozen in full , 360° all-dimension surrounding cooling applicators Large cryo handle size: 195*85mm; 210*90mm; 215*100mm; 230*105mm Area: for flanks.curved cup design allows for better placement and fit on curved or narrow parts of the body. Area:best matches with the contour of abdomen.most commonly used applicator used forthis area. Small cryo handle size: 140*70mm;155*80mm;165*90mm Area:ideal for longer vertical areas of fat(I.E.abdomen and flanks).also suggested for the arms. Special function: Mini cryo 5:handle size: 80*40mm. Area: Chin
Power supply mode AC220V±10%, 50HZ;AC110V±10% 60HZ
Rated power 800W
Negative pressure 0-80Kpa
Cooling -10to ~45℃
Laser power 100mw/pcs
Cavitation frequency 40KHz
RF freequency 5MHz
Cryo Quantity 5 pcs
Coolant    Purified water or special coolant Ambient
temperature 5℃-40℃
Relative humidity ≦80%
Touch screen 10.4 inches
Machine size 62*46*170cm
Packing size 106*73*65cm
GW 56kg
Cellulite removal;Localized fat remova;Lymph drainaged;Skin tightening;Body slimming, Reshape body line;Pain reliffor relaxation;Improve blood circulation;Combine cryolipolysis, cavitation treatment with RF to enhance slimming effect of beauty equipment.The principle of freezing fat solution is by cooling the subcutaneous tissue to below 35 DEG C, which can selectively affect the subcutaneous lipid rich cells, and the highly saturated fatty acids are locally crystallized. The crystals break into double membranes rich in lipid cells, which selectively cause necrosis of these cells. The frozen fat dissolving technique can reduce the number of human lipid cells and control the degree of obesity.The Cryolipolysis instrument is the patent product, for the pre freezing system based on pure fat dissolving, the fat of blood around the curing resulting in tissue necrosis and other injuries, the design improvement of freezing method, to promote separation of blood and skin preheating, then fat, Cryolipolysis is safer, fat removal the fat dissolving. In addition, the dual channel design allows for simultaneous treatment of two sites at the same time, with time saving and high efficiency!

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