curing light for gum protector gel gum barrier

This product name is called curing light for teeth whitening treatment,its mainly function is to make the gum protection gel become hard,to protect gum.

Products Details

Product parameter:
 Name  led dental teeth whitening curing light
 Light guide  12mm
 Battery  2200mah
 Display  Led screen
 Intensity  1600mv/cm2
 Application  teeth whitening
 Service  OEM(sticker or print)
Product effect: 1.To make the gum protection gel become hard,easy to apply teeth whitening gel. 2.Before you apply the teeth whitening gel,if the peroxide you use is high,you need to use the gum protection gel, 3.The procedure is to apply the gum protection gel between the gum and the teeth,then use the curing light shine on the gel,until it become hard,then do teeth whitening treatment. curing-light-03 Product display: curing-light-for-teeth-whitening curing-light-04 curing-light-05 How to use curing light? teeth-whiten-treatment Contact information: contact-name    

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