Teeth whitening kit with desensitizing gel

This is a new teeth whitening kit professional for teeth whitening,we add 1 pc desensitizing gel inside the teeth whitening kit,it can be more better for the sensitive teeth treatment,we can add logo on the package,please contact us for more information.

Products Details

Product parameter:
1pc Cheek retractor(small medium big to choose )
1pc 5ml teeth whitening gel syringe
1pc dental bib
1pc desensitizing gel
1pc blue brush
1pc 1.5ml Gum dam(gum protector gel)
2pcs finger wipe
1pc Zipper bag(foil bag)different size
Service oem (sticker or print logo)
Feature of  the teeth whitening kit: we specially add 1 pc desensitizing gel inside the teeth whitening kit,its mainly function is to relief the pain,if the teeth of your client is sensitive for the treatment,this gel can help relif the pain,we can also make this kit with teeth whitening pen or teeth whitening gel syringe,it means we can customize the kit for you. About teeth whitening gel: teeth whitening gel hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, non peroxide dental bleaching teeth whitening kit The gel can be CP or HP and non peroxide. For the CP or HP, we can make any percentage you want. Product display: teeth-whitening-kit-with-syringe-01 Feedback: before and afrter-teeth-1  Delivery method: delivery Contact information: contact-name      

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