home use mint flavor teeth whitening strip

This model teeth whitening strip is for home use daily teeth whitening care,you can use it every day,it has 14 pcs teeth whitening strip inside,we can add brand logo on,customize the package.

Products Details

russia-beauty-machine-exhibition Product parameter:
 Name Teeth Whitening Strip
 Application Remove Stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink, Whitening Teeth by daily use
 Function Beautiful Smile TEETH WHITENING
 Weight 50g
 Quantity  14pcs
 Service  OEM service
 Flavor  Mint
Product introduction: This model teeth whitening strip is for home daily oral care,you can use it every day,we mainly have the mint flavor,it has 14pcs strip inside,the teeth whitening gel is 6%hp usually,we can also make it with other peroxide,we can also customize the package for you. How to use? how-to-use-strip Product display: teeth-whitening-strip-03 teeth-whitening-strip-02teeth-whitening-strip-04  

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